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You can get ahead by taking a fresh look at your market, your strategy, and your marketing processes.

With some changes you will grow more and make more.

We will help you do this – with both advice and action.

To find out how we could help you please email us, or call 01473 375 017.

A lot goes into securing your next project, contract or client

Many people think of securing clients or projects as feeding a funnel. “Put stuff in – work comes out” goes the old mantra.

This tricks you into thinking that it's a volume activity and with the right number of 'people' in, the right level of 'sales' will come out. Unfortunately this isn't true.

At Clarity Included we think the process is much more like climbing a mountain. You start at the bottom and work through your market, keeping your actions aligned as you go.

There is lots we can offer to help you assess and then start doing something in whichever of these stages will most help you to grow.

Select a stage and see.


You’re in it to win it

  • Bid management
  • Bid preparation
  • Presentation / interview preparation

Gets you personally known and qualified

  • Individual targeting
  • Tailored communications
  • Prequalification process
  • Presentations
Direct Marketing

Targets groups of customers to find live opportunities

  • Niche market assessment
  • Data / decision maker profiling
  • Managing informa4on sources
  • Using all staff as sales team
  • Direct marketing campaigns and telesales
Brand Marketing

Ensures your brand is known for the right things amongst the right people – consistently

  • Branding and rebranding
  • External communications
  • Websites and brochures
  • Annual financial reporting
  • Systems and processes
  • Internal Communications

Brings together key contributors to set your overall direction, meaningful targets and allocates resources

  • Business strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Processes and reporting
Market Awareness

Informs your knowledge of customers, trends, available markets and next strategic moves

  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Market Sizing
  • Market Assessment
  • Customer Research

What happens when your market, strategy, and processes don’t line up?

(The negative impact on performance is dramatic)

On the other hand... when it lines up

(The Clarity Included way)

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