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What’s market value?

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

It’s a pretty important question for businesses with a less tangible end product, how should their output be priced? 

There are a number of dynamics at play, your own break even cost, the opportunity cost (i.e. what else could you be doing with your time), your appetite for the work, the stage in your development, what kudos or brand damage might be attracted, clients depth of pocket, history, competition and so on.  Then comes the question of price vs. value.

I prefer to keep it simple. 

What you charge should be based on the market price plus what ever premium you can happily attract from your cutomer for the level of differentiation you have created.  If you want to know how, then give us a ring.

Power of the pen

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

No, not Shakespeare.  In a presentation today, a touch ‘under prepared’  the CEO of a multi-billion pound company, was so taken with the very rough sketches storyboarding a proposed presentation that he adopted the rough hand drawn look for the final style.

Just goes to show, power lies in the clarity of the idea, not the finesse of its delivery.

Brand extension vs new name

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

We are at the late stages of a new business launch that is being delivered as a brand extension.  It makes me think about the elasticity of some names, where they can go and where they can’t.  It also raises some questions about sub-brands.

Where a brand can go to depends on both its customers and its values.  You can conceive buying fruit with sports branding, but a car marque on paracetemol?

In this case the company is very well regarded in it is field, and the customers it intends to serve are the same under the brand extension as under the established brand operations. So all good.

However, this is the fifth ‘sub’-brand under the master brand, what next?