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Written by Dan Jarrold
Posted on 5th April 2011 under Thoughts

Why a failing business is like a plane crash

Have had someone clever point out to me recently that planes don’t just fall out of the sky.  When a plane crashes it is generally the combination of seven consecutive errors, each too insignificant to take the plane down alone, but in succession critical.  The errors are usually made by people, and often very highly trained people.  This is why plane crashes are rare.

Having spent time recently with a couple of businesses needing to turnaround or risk failing themselves, I realise the echoes of this analogy.  A combination of minor errors within your business process (or people) can combine to catastrophic consequences.  Each may seem minor, which is why I think they are often left alone, but boy do they need fixing, really as soon as spot them. If you would like a fresh pair of eyes to take a look, give us a call.

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